From the recording SUMMER BLUE

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Hey how you doing
Written and Composed by Kenn lewis

Hey how you doing, let’s get together soon
It’s a beautiful day for a barbecue, I wanna be with you
Verse 1
I’ll meet you at your front gate, make sure your mom’s not home
She told me don’t come near her place, and to leave her daughter alone
I will bring you some cake with a can of nuts, It aint nothing much
But it shows how much I wanna be with you,
I will pick you up at half past two
Hey how you doing, tell me what you need today
I can show you a place where the steeldrum play
And the beach is open all day
Verse 2
Mr Jones he’s gone away, he went on a business trip
So we will take his boat for a little while, and we will sail away
Down to the Eastern caribbean,we will sail to Frigate Bay
By that lil hotel in Pinneys beach we will listen to the music play
Hey how you doing, why don’t you come and play
It’s a beautiful day, for a barbeque, let’s get the hell away
Verse 3
Get together for a family day, with lots of friends in town
Good food to eat and music sweet, everyone’s getting down
With sand in my hair, drinking Carib beer, it’s a long time overdue
It’s so much fun, to sit around, just to be with you
Hey you doing, I know you don’t have all day
But take my advise and get away, down to maracas bay
Verse 4
We can dance on the beach into the night, Looking out over the bay
The moon is bright I can see your eyes, I know what they wanna say
Hey how you doing, I wanna hear you say
It’s a beautiful day for a barbecue, time to come and play