From the recording When Shadows Fall


I'll be There When I Get There

Written and Composed by Kenn Lewis

Everyone just keep bothering me, The crayziest thing that I ever did see
They phone by day phone me at nights, keep hounding me I cannot strive
They calling , keep calling , the phone just never stops ringing
They knocking ,they pounding ,breaking down my door.

I'll be there when I get there, So please don't bug me no more
I'll be there when I get there, So don't you knock at my door
I'll be there when I get there, you've got to respect my rights
I'll be there when I get there, or i'm gonna put up a fight.

I like to take it easy I like to chill , I never go to work cause I got no bills
I Aint' gonna rush, i'm feeling free, for i'm the boss of my destiny
I'll take my time and get dress, dance around the house do a few steps
stretch my feet, sit down to eat, then i'll be on my way


I control my limbs and bones, they dont' move till I give the word
You can scream all you want at me, but i'll be there when I wanna be
I'll walk down by the ocean, sit at the dock of the bay
I'm having fun, DONT' RUSH ME MON, I might just stay here all day


Lyrics and music by Kenn Lewis