From the recording The Cool & the Deadly

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ST.KITTS NICE: Written and Composed by Kenn Lewis

St.kitts nationals where are you, oi, oi, sons and daughters we're calling you oi. oi
dont' matter you short, dont' matter you tall
dont' matter you fall downstairs and bust up you face on ground
we want you tonight, even you bearing child
we want you to gather everybody all over town

for St.kitts we jammin St.kitts tonight, st.kitts we jammin St.kitts pride
everybody come down and see, bring you buddies, bring you friends and you family
leh we jam jam, leh we dance dance, leh we get on bad and prance if you cant' dance.

When you come we gon party and visit everyone
we gon laugh and drink and have fun in de sun
Dont; care if you feeling sexy, ah want you to ! somebody, do it safe be as safe as can be
come leh we pay a visit, leh we go down to nevis, in the twin federation feel free

for nevis we jammin St.kitts tonight, and St.kitts we jammin Nevis twice
everybody line cayon Street, lets be happy, be down here for de carnaval
leh we jam jam, leh we ram ram, this is our land, keep it safe keep it grand

If you're miles from home, we're calling you oi, oi
if you living in de cold i'm talking to you oi, oi, so pack up you snow and shovel
That thing is only trouble, get away come down in de heat
ah coming to look for sonia, ah coming to jam behind her,
dont' you know its' a great place to be

for St.kitts we jamming St.kitts tonight, St.kitts celebrating life

everybody dance in de party, everybody ah want you to come for de festival

leh we jam jam, leh we dance dance, for action ,St.kitts is de main land.